Approach to Teaching & Coaching Jiu Jitsu - Team Passos Academy


Experienced Mentor Coach

Benefit from personal attention and tailored instruction from Professor Tony Passos and our carefully vetted coaching team. They’ll share insights and strategies from over two decades of training, teaching, and coaching to guide you along your BJJ journey.

Goal Setting and Strategy

Our instructors take the time to meet each student and learn their individual training goals. We work with you to identify your goals, set metrics, and offer accountability for you to achieve results that will spur your personal development and strengthen your Jiu Jitsu.

Conceptual Teaching Methodology

Emphasizes concept over technique. Incorporating techniques with an understanding of body mechanics and principles of leverage and positioning. Techniques are thus tools to learn these mechanics of the body. By understanding how it works together with the technique, self defense skills are developed in a safe and effective manner.

Structured Curriculum and Programs

Curriculum is designed in cycles that vary between 6 to 8 weeks to allow students to better understand the positions being taught and how to apply the mechanics they learn with the technique for a particular position. All teaching follows a three-step system approach.