ADCC 2015 World Championship is Coming up Soon - Team Passos

ADCC 2015 World Championship is Coming up Soon

The ADCC 2015 World Championship is coming up soon! This is the biggest and most prestigious grappling competition in the world. On August 29-30th in São Paulo, Brazil several of our ATOS teammates will be competing, including Professor André Galvão who will be doing the super fight of the event.

Professor Tony Passos will be coaching at this event. This is a big accomplishment for him personally but also to our entire team that will be represented by him in the corner of each ATOS athlete.

This Saturday, Professor Tony will be traveling to São Paulo to do the final preparation of the camp with our teammates in Brazil.

We are excited about the things coming ahead. We’ll be sure to keep you all update.

Check out Professor André’s ADCC highlight video below.