Great Results at ADCC 2015 - Team Passos

Great Results at ADCC 2015

We had an amazing weekend at the ADCC 2015 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The preparation for this competition was great – the fighters prepared themselves well and everyone was ready to win. Just like it goes – not everyone can win. We had some victories and some losses, but it doesn’t change how proud we are of everyone. The most important thing is that we don’t stop, but keep pressing forward. We will return to the ADCC in two years and will come stronger, faster, and more prepared than ever.

We want to thank the fighters for their hard work and everyone who has been part of the training camp (in the U.S. and Brazil); for the training partners that dedicated their time and sweat in preparation for not only the competition but for a lifetime dream. And a very special thank you to Bruno and Adam for being here and supporting the team the entire team.

Professor Tony is grateful for the opportunity to work with and coach the fighters in the biggest submission grappling competition in the world. This is also a dream come true for him as a coach. He says that the results of the competition could not have been better!

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ADCC 2015