Coach Rafaela - Team Passos

Coach Rafaela

Coach Rafaela (a.k.a Rafa) started a Jiu Jitsu journey in Brazil when a friend introduced her to the martial art. In 2012 she acquired her blue belt from Liga Jiu Jitsu under Osvaldo Alves school at Sao Jose dos Campos / São Paulo state. When she moved to the United States, Coach Rafa competed in local tournaments such as Copa Nova and New Breed, placing first and second place. Jiu Jitsu played a crucial role in Coach Rafa loosing weight and achieving a healthy lifestyle. This inspired her to study nutrition.

Coach Rafa finds much joy in being surrounded by the students during Zoo-Jitsu classes, sparring with the girls, motivating the students, and being a role model for other females on the mat. She is grateful for the amazing opportunity to share the mats with all of our teammates.