Kids Zoo-Jitsu™ Program

Our Kids Program offers the opportunity for students to learn the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) in a fun, supportive environment where they will build positive character traits and self-defense skills.

This program prepares your child with the skills, support, and knowledge to succeed in life.  Class consists of a variety of drills, exercises, and games to develop Jiu Jitsu technique and overall fitness. In addition, our structured curriculum reinforces emotional development and growth of child for lifelong success. Our aim is to model a level of excellence and self-discipline that will build self-confidence and leadership skills in all of our students.

In this program, students receive guidance from a team of coaches who are vetted and trained under the leadership of head black belt instructor, Professor Tony Passos. Our program is designed for kids ages 5-12 and is open to enrollment at any time. We invite you to bring your child for a class today!

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Beginner Kids Classes

Our beginner kids' classes give your child the tools to protect themselves and build positive character traits, such as leadership and discipline.

Programs are available for all-ages and skill levels designed to keep kids active, engage, and growing stronger into their best selves. Motivation has never been easier!

Advanced Kids Classes

The Advanced Program helps kids take their knowledge and skills to the next level with more complex BJJ concepts and training principles.

In this program, students learn more advanced skills while refining their leadership skills that help them continue in their training journey.


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