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Our team is made up of BJJ practioners across the United States and Brazil. We work with all Team Passos affiliates to share lessons learned, operational best practices, and support them in their BJJ leadership journey. 


Going To The Next Level

Everything we do at Team Passos is to provide better Jiu Jitsu and programs to our members. We bring the same passion and vision to working with out affiliates as we do when coaching at competitions and teaching out students in class at out headquarters academy.

We believe that to achieve success and fulfill potential is must be deliberately pursued. And to be the best, we must surround ourselves with a community that will bring out our best. Our Affiliate Program is designed to provide affiliate instructors a continual growth path in learning Jiu Jitsu and to be able to pass that knowledge onto their students.

On becoming a member, each location is granted representation as a Team Passos academy. You will have direct and regular access to Professor Tony Passos where he will personally coach you and offer his guidance as a BJJ practitioner, instructor, and business owner. You will be exposed to our proven Team Passos structures curriculum. Additionally, Professor Tony Passos and the Team Passos leadership team will personally assist you with curriculum and program development, training schedules, academy management, maximizing your own training, and more - all tailored to your specific goals and circumstances.

Contact us to learn more about affiliation benefits.

Benefits At A Glance

  • Personal coaching and mentorship by Professor Tony Passos

  • Program and curriculum development

  • Academy operational guidance

  • Privileged training opportunities with Professor Tony Passos and World Champion guests

  • Gain access to Tony Passos seminars and joint training sessions

  • Gain access to Team Passos affiliate locations

  • Recognition as an official Team Passos Affiliate school

To learn more about becoming an Affiliate academy of Team Passos, please complete the form below.

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