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Instructor - Rob Gregory

Coach Rob is a purple belt under Professor Tony Passos. He had been training martial arts since he was a young kid and first began training jiu jitsu in the summer of 2019. With a passion for teaching and a life goal of opening his own martial arts academy, Coach Rob decided to add the study of jiu jitsu to his skill set.  


He currently assists in both the Kids Zoo-Jitsu program and Adults Fundamentals program. Coach Rob is a gifted teacher and is passionate about seeing others grow and develop their martial arts skills.  


“My favorite part of being a coach is the ability to help others get better at jiu-jitsu and watching students grow. I’m motivated by seeing students become proficient in the areas they once found challenging and witnessing them have those lightbulb moments. My passion for coaching comes from my underlying love for martial arts and sharing that with others around me.” - Coach Rob 

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