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Exciting Announcement: A Fresh New Look!

We're kicking off this season with more exciting upgrades. Team Passos is introducing a fresh new logo - a symbol of our commitment to progress and unleashing greatness!

Curious about what the logo represents? We're thrilled to explain!

Outer Image: Shield of Safety

The outer image forms a shield, symbolizing safety. Beyond self-defense, the academy is a physically, mentally, and emotionally safe space for students and families to participate. Here, you can drop your guard in a safe and fun place to learn the highest level of Jiu Jitsu and experience community. It's about daring to face challenges and grow through them, together.

Inner Image: A Multidimensional Perspective

The image within the shield has multiple dimensions, depending on how you look at it. 

1. Tree Branches: Strength

First, it takes on the appearance of tree branches. This embodies the strength, support and courage of the shield. It is the visible part of a tree that offers shade and fruit. 

But a tree is only as strong as its root system. 

2. Roots: Foundation

Moving deeper, you'll notice the depiction of roots. A tree's strength is rooted in its foundation. Our unseen efforts, like hidden roots, fuel growth. Without a strong root system, the challenges the tree is confronted with will make it fall. Just like in life, storms will come. Developing a strong base helps us grow and stand strong no matter the circumstance. We develop a healthy root system by staying connected and cultivating habits of excellence and integrity, even when no one's watching, in your jiu-jitsu and in your life. Just as trees interconnect through their roots, you do not need to go at it alone. The academy is a community that simultaneously strengthens and uplifts one another. 

3. Arrows of Progress: Growth Together

Finally, the inner design can also look like two arrows pointing upward. This represents growth and progress. Our academy serves as a platform for personal development both on and off the mat; where students can learn and have fun together. The presence of two arrows, rather than one, emphasizes not just individual but collective growth within our community. Together, we pursue excellence and forge lasting relationships. Not giving up on our dreams, people, or responsibilities.

In essence, our logo captures safety, strength, and shared progress. The shield protects while the images within speak of the interconnectedness of visible strength, foundational resilience, and shared advancement. At the core, it's a symbol of empowerment—to overcome challenges, nurture growth, and thrive united.

We are thrilled to unveil the new logo to the world. Thank you for being an integral part of the team, contributing to this journey of progress and overcoming together. Here's to an exciting season ahead! 


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